The NWRC Work Ready Math Assessment measures ability to use mathematical reasoning skills to solve real-life workplace problems.



The National Work Readiness Council is excited to announce our expand our presence in Tennessee as part of the Tennessee Work Ready Opportunity Program. Formed in 2006 by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, The National Work Readiness Council is one of the nation’s leading nonprofit workforce development, training, and advocacy organizations. 


As a preferred provider of the Tennessee Department of Education, through the Tennessee Work Ready Opportunity Program the NWRC is excited to begin working with local education authorities (LEAs) and public charter schools to provide students the opportunity to take our nationally recognized assessments. 


NWRC will offer a battery of four validated assessments to measure the foundational workplace academic and essential soft skills in-demand by employers based on U.S. DoL O*NET Job Zones Framework.


The Work Ready Assessments are a workforce education and development tool comprised of three proctored assessments - Work Ready Math, Work Ready Data, and Work Ready Reading.


In this post we’ll talk specifically about the Work Ready Math Assessment which measures students ability to use mathematical reasoning skills to solve real-life workplace problems. 


As highlighted in an online article from the Houston Chronical understanding math in the workplace is more important that ever. 


“Workplace readiness skills are transferable to different work situations. Workplace readiness training helps fill the gaps between the skills workers currently possess and the skills needed on the job. Employers strive to find workers with valuable work readiness skills and several job-specific training programs are available to help workers attain those skills.”

The following link is from a report that the Bureau of Labor Statistics published a few years ago– much of the data remains relevant. The article describes how math factors into careers and the ways people use math in the workplace.


While a career in math may not be for everyone, the NWRC Work Ready Math Assessment is a great tool for employers and educators. The assessment evaluates math skills including calculating sizes, quantities, and costs; evaluating information and results to determine the best solution; reviewing the accuracy of transactions; and solving problems to inform operational activities.


The assessment is criterion-referenced against absolute standards for performance, and therefore, measure mastery of the underlying competencies rather than comparing an individual’s scores to the performance of other test takers. Importantly, the items are designed to measure ability to apply the targeted career readiness skills, not simply demonstrate concept knowledge.

As with all National Work Ready assessments, the Work Ready Math Assessments are based on validated career readiness assessments that provide a correlation of the skills a learner demonstrates, and the skills needed to prepare for a job according to the U.S. Department of Labor's O*NET Job Zones Framework. 


After taking the assessment the NWRC provides a personalized credential that learners and jobseekers can add to their portfolio to show completion.


As a long-standing industry leader in the design of career-infused educational courseware, at the NWRC we remain committed to creating successful partnerships to further the common goal of preparing learners for career and college readiness. 


By combining high-quality educational software with extensive consulting experience, our Professional Services brings years of consulting and teaching together with real-world expertise to provide exemplary services and support.


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