The Council is taking collaborative action to transform and empower America's workforce 

with the foundational academic skills, soft skills, and digital skills necessary for individual and community prosperity.

Why is national work readiness advocacy important?

Advocating for job skills training for adults is crucial in today's workforce. With the rapid pace of technological advancement and the ever-changing job market, it is essential that adults have access to opportunities that will equip them with the necessary skills to remain competitive. Investing in job skills training not only enhances an individual's employability but also provides a pathway to economic mobility. It can also lead to increased job satisfaction and higher wages, resulting in a more stable and prosperous future. Furthermore, advocating for job skills training promotes equity and social justice by providing opportunities for underserved communities to break the cycle of poverty and achieve self-sufficiency.

Focus Areas

Partnership Development

The Council works to identify and partner with like-minded career readiness champions to promote awareness of and access to foundational employability skills policy and solutions.

Industry Awareness

The Council brings attention to the need for collective focus and action around foundational employability skills development in partnership with targeted industry sectors.

Public Policy

Through our partnership network, the Council is developing a network of influencers to advance policies that promote and fund expanded access to foundational employability skills.

The New Landscape of Digital Literacy

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The COVID-19 pandemic exposed many gaps in career readiness education, particularly with regards to digital literacy. The National Skills Coalition’s report “The New Landscape of Digital Literacy” echoes the NWRC’s call for action when it comes to leveling the playing field for digital literacy among young and adult learners. 

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Durable Skills Demand Data

Durable Skills are in high demand

Data-driven report by America Succeeds amplifies the NWRC call for policymakers, education and workforce partners, and employers nationwide to proactively and collectively focus on closing America’s soft skills talent gap. Effective communication, professionalism, teamwork, problem solving, and critical thinking are among the foundational work readiness skills that employers across industry sectors value most. This report confirms employer demand for these durable skills – a demand outpacing technical skills by nearly four times! Read More