• National Work Readiness Council

    The NWRC is a national nonprofit workforce development, training, and advocacy organization and pioneering sponsor of the only nationally recognized career readiness credential validating mastery of the foundational employability and soft skills most in-demand by employers today.

Work Ready Reads

The New Landscape of Digital Literacy

National Skills Coalition logo with text that reads "Every worker. Every industry. A strong economy."

The COVID-19 pandemic exposed many gaps in career readiness education, not to exclude digital literacy.  The National Skills Coalition’s report “The New Landscape of Digital Literacy” echoes the NWRC’s call for action when it comes to evening the playing field for digital literacy among young and adult learners. Read more

Durable Skills Demand Data

Image of paper airplanes on a blue background with the text "The High Demand for Durable Skills"

Data-driven new report  by America Succeeds amplifies the NWRC call for policymakers, education and workforce partners, and employers nationwide to proactively and collectively focus on closing America’s soft skills talent gap. Effective communication, professionalism, teamwork, problem solving, and critical thinking are among the foundational work readiness skills that employers across industry sectors value most. This new report reconfirms employer demand for these durable skills – a demand outpacing technical skills by nearly four times! Read more