• National Work Readiness Council

    The NWRC is a national nonprofit workforce development, training, and advocacy organization and pioneering sponsor of the only nationally recognized career readiness credential validating mastery of the foundational employability and soft skills most in-demand by employers today.


NWRC Solution Spotlight

Corrections Solution - Colorado
​Colorado Department of Corrections

"The NWRC solution is career contextualized with embedded practical application of the core foundational career readiness skills required to get hired and then keep the job. Working with criminal justice involved adults, earning the National Work Readiness Credential also instills self-confidence and motivates our jobseekers to continue to learn and prepare for re-entry into the community and workforce."

School Solution - Hawaii
Waipahu Community School

"The National Work Readiness Credential is a way for our students to demonstrate they have the skills necessary to be effective and ethical employees. The training that leads to the credential is preparing Waipahu jobseekers for the real-world workforce. Our community partners value the experience and skills our students gain through the program. Having the backing of the National Work Readiness Council is helping us build a work ready community."

State Solution - New York
Champlain Valley Educational Services

"We are strong supporters of the NWRC in New York State. Relevant and rigorous, the National Work Readiness Credential offers an alternative graduation pathway for one of the state exams required for high school diploma attainment."

Work Ready Reads

Durable Skills Demand Data

Data-driven new report by America Succeeds amplifies the NWRC call for policymakers, education and workforce partners, and employers nationwide to proactively and collectively focus on closing America’s soft skills talent gap. Effective communication, professionalism, teamwork, problem solving, and critical thinking are among the foundational work readiness skills that employers across industry sectors value most. This new report reconfirms employer demand for these durable skills – a demand outpacing technical skills by nearly four times! Read more

Workforce Tops the List

A skilled workforce continues to headline as a top economic priority and concern for American businesses. What can America do differently to develop the durable skilled talent pipeline needed to fuel business, community, and individual prosperity in 2022 and beyond? Transforming America’s workforce requires collective action. Join this virtual U.S. Chamber of Commerce hosted dialogue to become more informed about the challenges and more equipped to seize the opportunities ahead. 

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