Leadership guru Simon Sinek says you need to teach soft skills

September 26, 2022

 In the attached video clip noted speaker and leadership expert Simon Sinek makes the point that business leaders often talk about hard skills and soft skills as if they are in opposition to each other “Which in nonsense!” 

At the 3:57 mark in the the attached clip Sinek says -  

“We have to teach human skills if we want be to lean to be better leaders!”

While this may seem incredibly simple, far too many employers in America have a hard time doing. Sinek goes on to say, 

“I think most companies are desperately lacking in teaching leadership.”


“You need real curricula inside your company. You need mentors and teachers and metrics to measure things like listening, empathy…if you teach it people will know how to do it.”


This is exactly what we do at the NWRC. This is what we advocate for daily. Our credential is the only nationally recognized career readiness credential 

validating mastery of the foundational employability and soft skills most in-demand by employers today.


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