Listening, effective communication, feedback, and how to have difficult conversations

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Insight on the importance of soft skills from Simon Sinek

The Soft Skills Companies Need Most in 2020

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Soft skills are the essential interpersonal skills that make or break our ability to get things done in our current jobs and take on new opportunities ahead.

Topping this year’s list are creativity, collaboration, persuasion, and emotional intelligence—all skills that demonstrate how we work with oth...

Why does Soft Skills Training Matter for Women Leaders?

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Soft skills are essential for everyone irrespective of rank, position, and gender. They are essential, especially for women to excel as leaders and C-level executives. There is a myth that soft skills are closely connected with gender. The truth is that soft skills are not gender-related.


Insight on soft skills in apprenticeship programs

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For more than a decade, economists, business leaders, and progressive writers and thinkers have waged a wonky war over the so-called skills gap—specifically, whether such a gap exists at all. Read more in the Washington Monthly story we link to in our blog post.