Soft skills required for leadership

03.05.21 08:35 AM By Joshua Morby

Business magazine highlights need for Soft Skills & Collaboration 

The link to the attached article in Forbes Magazine talk about how our workplaces are undergoing a revolution. And as not only business but society as a whole changes, how we educate and train the next wave of business leaders must also change. 

Thanks to longer lives, for the first time we are now having up to five generations in the same work organization. At the same time, the advance of artificial intelligence (AI) will further radically transform companies, and require the rapid upskilling of employees at all levels. This all means that managers need to develop different leadership capabilities and skills. 

Some are new types of hard skills (such as machine learning, or AI) but it also means soft skills are becoming even more essential. For example, bridging capabilitiesempathy, coaching, cross-cultural skills, and adaptive thinking, among others, now have a renewed relevance. At the NWRC we egress. 

We also support the suggestion in the article that the importance of being able to educate business leaders who can lead the future of work in an ethical, sustainable way, is compounded by the need to tackle the pressing challenges the world already currently faces – climate change, widening inequality, social injustice. These challenges are global in scale, and necessitate robust business leadership and collaboration to enact change.

 In the article Paul Polman, Co-founder and Chair of Imagine and former CEO of Unilever spotlighted how the Covid-19 crisis has meant that, “more and more people realize our current system is not sustainable." 

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