Soft Skills Needed in Security Industry

30.06.21 11:14 AM By Joshua Morby

"Like many who fit the stereotype of the introverted technology person who wasn’t especially interested in social interaction, I wanted to be a computer programmer because I figured I wouldn’t have to spend much time dealing with people. I was sorely mistaken."

Robert Clyde, Executive advisor for ShardSecure, Executive Chair, White Cloud Security, Board Director, ISACA wrote a compelling article on why soft skills will advance you in your career, no matter your industry. Referring to the quote above, Clyde thought he could become a successful IT/Cyber Security worker by just keeping his head low and getting his job done. With years of experience now under his belt, he has realized he could have accelerated his value to his clients if he would have prioritised monetizing on his soft skills earlier in his career. Clyde recognizes that like himself, soft skills may not come naturally to many IT/Cybersecurity minded people, which explains why it is said that soft skills are the biggest skills gap when it comes to those candidates. There are many ways that people can obtain and learn how to implement soft skills into their daily lives. As basic as it may seem, starting with having more conversations in your personal life can go a long way. You will begin to learn to read others better and how to successfully turn your thoughts into words both clearly and concisely. Practising presenting to a group of people is another way to really enhance your soft skills. If you are not able to successfully present your ideas to a group, collaborating with others is especially difficult and odds are you are not going to be able to advance your career to where you may want it to be. 

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