Soft Skills Leaders Needed in Hybrid Workplaces

16.06.21 03:08 PM By Joshua Morby

"Whether you’re leading a 10-person team or a Fortune 500 enterprise, here are the three soft skills you need to help employees transition into a hybrid work environment."

As more and more companies bring their employees back to work, the phrase "hybrid work place" is talked about now more than ever. Having a hybrid work model is projected to be the “new normal” for many 9-5 jobs. This “new normal” would entail having employees only come into the office a portion of the week and letting them work from home the other days. With this new model, as we saw with the change from in person work life go completely remote, comes new obstacles, challenges and opportunities to manage. 

With all of this being said, soft skills leaders are now being more sought after than ever in order to help hybrid workplaces be successful and foster growth within a company. Being able to leverage soft skills like communication, leadership, teamwork, and adaptability are crucial in any work environment; whether it is virtual, not virtual or anything in between. Alex Howland, an organizational psychologist, has studied soft skills for years and believes there are a certain three soft skills to help a business succeed"I believe the biggest learning of all has been the importance of soft skills—empathy, inclusivity, and communication....they create the backbone of any organization, and in times of change (especially like the one we’re experiencing right now), they are fundamental to the health and stability of our teams."

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