Learners to Earners - Soft Skills Needed

21.06.21 10:25 AM By Joshua Morby

"Soft skills’ in demand as employers fight for workers"

The worker shortage continues across the country as businesses are still fighting to find employees. There seems to still be a disconnect from jobs to workers and the skills they embody. "Employers do want workers who are already trained to do the job, whatever it may be, but they are learning to adjust to the current reality." The following article take a fascinating approach pinpointing how the job market has changed post pandemic and how employers need to now change the way they hire. Big businesses like Amazon are hiring new employees left and right because they are taking away some of the unnecessary hoops to find and acquire a job. They have also been noted to look at the big picture when it comes to recruiting their talent. A new hire they acquire may not have all the specific skills they want for the job, but those skills are teachable. What they are always actively looking for in a candidate when hiring is soft skills. It seems that smaller businesses are still following old models of hiring new employees and it is not working in their favor. Soft skills continue to be a hot topic for a candidate to embody as they are the skills that are much harder to teach to a person, but also the skills that overall make a successful workplace. 

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