Your Work Environment Alters Your Soft Skills

26.07.21 03:18 PM By Joshua Morby

"Communicating and collaborating face-to-face will take a lot of getting used to. The mental effort required to be around people when you are not used to it is quite exhausting.”

Even though soft skills are vital when it comes to online working, there is still a learning curve for many when returning to in person work and brushing up on face to face soft skills. Skills like compassion fatigue, which can result in a lack of empathy, have changed tremendously throughout the pandemic. Many have reported to have reported struggling to read what others are trying to communicate because of the lack of body language, tone and facials that usually comes with in person communication, therefore affecting people's soft skills as a whole. It is tough to have a part of the communication skills you have been practicing your whole life all of the sudden not be available to leverage when articulating a conversation. 

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