Durable Skills Wanted

02.06.21 10:06 AM By Joshua Morby

The Most Sought After Skill Set in Today's Workforce

Recent studies show employers are looking for candidates that embody durable skills when it comes to hiring. It is seen that people who embody these durable skills are ideal candidates for long term hire and success. Durable skills are the soft skills that make up important professional capabilities like leadership, critical thinking, communication etc. as well as personal qualities like creativity, mindfulness, fortitude etc.. Studies were conducted by pulling data from 82 million employer job postings. It was then found that ⅔ of those job postings were in search of soft skills in general as well as ⅓ of the postings specifically searching for durable skills, thus highlighting the importance of durable skills when it comes to entering the workforce and making them the most sought after skills of soft skills. 

Although durable skills have been around forever, Covid 19 has had an effect on the push for hiring around candidates' durable skills. Our workforce needs are ever changing and evolving as the world does. Companies will continue to compete for top of the line candidates, and therefore it is vital that the new generation of professionals are being taught and made aware of these durable skills and the importance they will have on their career to come. Covid 19 has provoked an uproar of durable skills wanted in the workplace because of what they represent. With millions of people now working remotely have characteristics like leadership, communication, fortitude etc is more important than ever. Click here to see how the workplace has changed since covid and how durable skills has eased the change. 

Non-profit organization, America Succeeds, was set in place in order to improve educational opportunity, outcomes and equity by leveraging the power and acumen of the workforce and accelerating change. America Succeeds is also unique in the fact that it is between the business and education sectors so it acts as an “education voice to business” as well as “a business voice for education” at a state level. These advocacy efforts are set to take part in an overall larger culture change in preparing every single student to succeed in the ever so competitive global economy. Emsi is another resource for candidates when it comes to staying up to date and improving what our job market needs. It focuses on the analytics of the labor market and connecting candidates to employers while making the analytics of it all more understandable and actionable to its clients in real time. It is establishments like these that attest to the importance of candidates embodying durable skills in order to set themselves up for success in their career.