Manpower report explores soft skills employers look for

23.06.21 12:46 PM By Joshua Morby

 Click below for some great insights from the ManpowerGroup Talent Shortage Survey

From the report - 

"In the biggest workforce shift and reallocation of skills since World War II began, those skills most in demand during the early phase of the crisis are different than the most in-demand roles we are seeing today and in the future. While a third of U.S. companies are reporting difficulty finding the talent they need, employer hiring expectations are on the rise, fueling the strongest hiring pace in 21 years.

The all-new ManpowerGroup Talent Shortage Survey not only reveals the hardest-to-find skills in the country, but also explores the most in demand soft skills employers look for, as well as the steps companies can take in order to make the next normal better for all."

Click here for link to report